Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So a couple of days ago we found a stray kitten in the backyard. Ever since then we're dabating on keeping it or calling a shelter so that it may be put up for adoption. We're totally torn and cant seem to make a decision. If we do decide to keep her it has to be for the right reason, not just b/c she's cute. Its a big big commitment! I mean we even did a pros and cons list but we still cant decide :/ Hubby is a big guy so ideally he wanted a dog.... a big dog. but not anytime soon. So he wasnt to into the idea of keeping the cat. But then last night we thought she went missing and I could tell that he was sad.... Ahhhhh! What to do? Btw I love that she's unusual just like me. She has 6 toes on one paw and 7 on the other. Now I dont have any extra toes but I can identify with being different. Of course she doesnt know she's different. She just wants to be loved. Btw I named her mittens. what to do... what to do.... what to do.... ??

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  1. She is so cute!! The hubs and I are getting a dog soon too. I think we are almost ready to make a decision about it. :)